Monday, February 7, 2011

Current Events

I'm trying to commit to blogging at least once a week and starting again. I often think of topics to talk about that have been interesting to friends, family, classmates or online groups, and often encounter great blogs by other people who actually do the blogging thing.

I'm currently attending my local community college and working on a transferable degree in biology to a four year university. This is the time of year when the NSF (National Science Foundation) REUs open up for application across the US, and most are due at the end of the month. So, on top of homework and other related deadlines, I've been writing essays. Lots of them. Most of which have to do with talking about yourself and why YOU are so wonderful. That's not easy for me.

After I've done homework, and when I should still be doing homework, I'm either playing A Tale in the Desert or sewing. Current sewing projects are all cross-stitch; the first (which will take a few years of off-and-on work) is of Serenity, the ship in Firefly; the second is of a species of cuckoo bee. Both are 'photo-realistic' and on 28 count cloth. The effect when finished is very striking. When I master uploading and inserting images here, I'll post updates on the projects.

At home, my husband is currently working on texturing and painting the walls in the mobile home we bought a few years ago. It's a 1970 model and wood paneling stabs the eyes in all directions... classy. He's already done this type of work on another mobile, and the finished effect is wonderful. Instead of paneling, it looks like any other textured and painted wall in a home with sheetrock. All the carpet has been ripped out as well, and faux wood flooring will be put down. If we were keeping the place, we'd go for something a bit better, but we know now that in a couple of years we'll be selling, so we fixing up more to increase resale value. Considering we now have a new furnace and heat pump and that the place is in great shape for its age, we should do well.

Other events include: trying a new diet, trials of a young teenage son, a very old cat keeps on living (nicely), and spring is coming early.

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