Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cross Stitch Friends and Updates

I posted a couple of months ago about my tendencies as a cross stitcher, plus two projects I'm working on. You can compare the updated images with the older ones in a previous post.

After posting about being anal in the sense of photorealistic projects, I did what I've done at least once a year and looked for some forums where people who cross stitch hang out. Most I'd found in the past had a fair share of stuffiness (rigidity in techniques and so forth) and rules for posting works in progress that were basically ridiculous. For example, you had to pay to have a gallery on the site, show the front and back of your work, and be prepared for some very rigorous critiquing. I wasn't looking for that, I was looking more for a place where people can share, get advice, talk techniques and just chat.

I finally found a great place this time around. is based in the UK, but people from all over the world are members. In fact, one member started up a pen pal group, which is really exciting because I had several pen pals in high school and missed writing more than I realized.

Anyway, they're a great group of folks and I encourage anyone who wants a nice relaxed atmosphere for cross stitch related topics to take a look.

As far as the updates go, the cuckoo wasp is almost finished and a fair progress has been made on Serenity (considering I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to it).

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